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With Elijah as Our Inspiration

We are teaching from the “mukhraka” the traditional site of Elijah’s defeat of the prophets of Baal. This is the legacy of faith, to turn the people of God back to the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob (Israel) through Mashiach Ben David: Yeshua. Our series includes 8 programs covering the end times issues. This […]

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The Famed Bahai Gardens in Haifa

A prime example of the attempt to create a universal world religion that eclipses Yeshua as “Ha Derech, Ha Emet v’ Ha Chaim” (the way the truth the life)! Seeming more benign than most, it still misses the mark and this 19th century syncretic movement is a precursor to the global religion arising today. Watch […]

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Our Faithful Arab Cousins

Myles and Katharine with Pastor Naim and Elvira Khoury. We asked them to come and share their story with our pilgrims. These heroes of the faith stand with Israel’s covenant as they face rising  darkness in Bethlehem.The city of Yeshua’s birth as been stripped of Jewish history. The Moslems have driven out Christians through intimidation and […]

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