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Let There Be….Yeshua!

Then God said, “Let there be light! ” and there was light . (Genesis 1:3) I remember the early days of my walk with Jesus. I was so “lit up” that my New Age friends thought I had snapped into some form of psychosis and gave me books to that effect. They were hoping to see me […]

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Give Thanks to God!

Thanksgiving Day provides a time for Americans to gather in family groups to extol the virtues of our country and express our gratitude for the privilege of living here, even while acknowledging the inequities and sins committed against the host people and those who were brought here in chains. My grandparents, who fled “Russia-Poland” (as it was called […]

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Our friend, multi-talented Avner Boskey, integrates in a delightful and pithy way colorful song lyrics and media references into his Messianic missives from the Negev. I thought of him as I remembered a song from my youth. One of the many psychedelic soul songs that Norman Whitfield wrote and produced in the late ’60s and […]

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