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Never give in, never give in, never, never, never! – Winston Churchill

We live in a season of momentous events. As Purim began, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke for the third time before the U.S. Congress. Those who already favor him received him as a hero; those who do not, see him as a political strategist. I am not surprised. With growing fervor, the two “sides […]

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Israeli Election: Special Report

God is so good! We have been working on a TV election report, including “man on the street” interviews covering varying opinions about PM Netanyahu and the future of Israel. Today is shabbat, and we were scheduled to complete the interviews. Many of the “right/center” supporters of Bibi were in Synagogue or unwilling to speak […]

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A Great Miracle Happened Here!

What a privilege, to interview Rabbi Yehuda Glick, who is standing for the rights of Jewish people [and Christians!]  to worship on the Temple Mount. Last fall when we were here, the Rabbi was shot 4 TIMES AT POINT BLANK RANGE by a terrorist who did not agree that Jewish worshippers have any place on […]

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