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The Power of His Love

Happy Valentine season! God loves you and me at all times, not just at special times of the year. His love is abundant even when we mortals are at our lowest point. Lately, I have been reading the “minor” prophets. Myles likes to joke that Bible readers will be embarrassed when we meet these giants of Scripture in the next world and try to explain […]

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Nationalism Slows the One-World Movement Agenda

Brexit (Britain’s exit from the European Union) and the “Make America Great Again” movement in the U.S. both symbolize nationalism and are harbingers for Katharine and me. Whatever your politics—whether you are rejoicing or grieving over the recent American election—it is notable that the rise of nationalism has temporarily hindered the globalist agenda of a one-world government. This turn of […]

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As in The Days of Noah

“The Times, They Are A-Changin’” wrote the modern-day prophetic and Nobel Laureate poet, Bob Dylan. America is certainly in a season of radical change. Yeshua warned us about the time leading up to His return. He told us that modern events and circumstances would be similar to events and circumstances in ancient days: For just as the days of […]

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