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Our friend, multi-talented Avner Boskey, integrates in a delightful and pithy way colorful song lyrics and media references into his Messianic missives from the Negev. I thought of him as I remembered a song from my youth. One of the many psychedelic soul songs that Norman Whitfield wrote and produced in the late ’60s and […]

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Wisdom From Above

We live in times characterized by a lack of wisdom. As God foretold, knowledge is increasing (Daniel 12:4). Technological know-how and innovation abound, but the wisdom that is “from above” is rare. We Believers need to be like Solomon, who asked God for wisdom: “Give therefore thy servant an understanding heart to judge thy people, that I […]

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Smooth Stones In His Hand

The difficulties that surround us—often apparent in news headlines—seem to imbue our lives as well, especially in tumultuous times such as these. Those of us who try to please the Lord (however imperfect our success) may struggle to meet life’s challenges. Some days, the waves of complexity threaten to crash over us, drowning us with stacked-up demands and […]

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